Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making your own header and background

Now that I have fulfilled one of my bloglife dreams to make my own header and even found out how to make my own background to match, many of you have asked that I share my new found knowledge.  Not sure if it is hard to guess or not but this it the first scrapbooking kind of thing I have ever done (awe that explains it).  Being the amateur that I am, I will try to teach what I still do not understand.  There are plenty of people out there who can do a better job than me and that is why I am turning to the experts to help with most of it.  I am not very good at giving instructions so I have included my number below if you have questions.  But be warned, it takes time.  Did I say it takes time?  Lots of it.  (Hey I had fun with all of the traffic I got from my last post.  Send your friends over again.  I am sure they are going to want to see me make a fool of myself again this too!)

 Materials needed:

  1. One blog (more than that is simply too much).
  2. Time.
  3. Digital scrap booking pages, embellishments, or a whole kit would be ideal.  See links below.
  4. Photoshop and a minimal amount of knowledge of how to use it.  I did not have this starting out and Google became my new BFF for awhile there.  (There are ways to do this in paint.  Not sure how but I am sure you can Google it).
  5. Time.
  6. Photobucket account.
  7. Time .
  8. Google, Google, Google.
  9. Patient Understanding husband.
  10. Great ability to follow very hard directions.
  11. Phone to call Bonnie when you are totally lost (this only happens about 1,362 times an hour.  Not bad.)  My number is 1-800-hehe-haha-goodluck!
  12. Patient but otherwise occupied kids.  The dog pen makes a good enclosure for pesky children place for bored kids to play.  If DSS shows up do not point them to me.  My kids were just keeping the dog out of my hair too from getting bored too.
  13. More time.
  14. Creativity (although it could be argued that I did just fine without it)

Follow these directions one at a time and as well as you can:

  1. Start with the header.  Click on this link and follow as closely as you can.  After you save it as a JPEG, go to your layout and add it in place of your header.  Call me about Google anything you do not understand.
  2. Using the theme from your header, create your background by following this link and its instructions.  Once again call me about Google anything you do not understand.
  3. Create a photobucket account and upload your new background there.  Follow the instructions in the #2 link on adding it to your template.  After you add it to your blog, play around with the colors of your fonts by clicking this link for instructions.

Here are some links for cutesy stuff:

Shabby Princess my personal favorite.  This one has some cute kits.

Free digital scrapbooking also a favorite.

Oh heck, just Google free scrapbooking stuff and you will find plenty. 

For those of you who do not have photoshop yet, start downloading the things you like now and who knows you may find someone who will make yours for you let you use their photoshop.

Now that I have most certainly and thoroughly confused you, do you have any questions?  I hope you picked up on my sincere desire to help you if you get lost.   Really. 

Now have I forgot anything...


Jonny and Alexis said...

Oh I am so excited to try this! I have been wondering how it's done. Thanks for the step by steps.

terahreu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I tried to sign your guestbook, but no luck. In order to do all this fun stuff you mentioned, I need a faster connection. Oh well. What can I expect, it's Nepal.

cory and sharon said...

WHen I have a minute and a dogpen, I will make mine all cutsie. Thanks for the help

Tamster said...

So there really is a good reason to have a dog? So you can have an excuse for a dog pen to lock the kids up in to keep them out of your hair! That'd be the only reason I'd get a dog! ;-)

Your blog looks wonderful! You really have done a great job. Since we have no dog pen, no photoshop, no Windows Live Writer... we probably won't be getting so fancy any time soon. Our boring blog will still be here to help make yours look more exciting! Opposition in all things, you know. Without boring, no one would recognize exciting! I know, we are sooo selfless and generous to sacrifice our blog on your behalf! :-)

Great job, Bon! Thanks for sharing your insights! :-)