Monday, July 28, 2014

Out of the mouth

With tape measure in hand extended to approximately 5 inches, Alexis inquired if that is how big babies were when they were born.

Taking the tape measure and extending it out to about 2o inches, mom showed her a more accurate size.

Alexis: Um...yeah...I don't think I will ever be brave enough to have a baby.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book of Mormon Class --Private Reflections

It was super sad to see this class come to an end. I feel like I learned so much, but wont be able to remember any of it. This class was taught by Doug Bassett who is presently terminally ill and his time on this earth is very short. I am so glad I got to be a part of his class. He taught some profound things tonight that I did not want to forget.

He was talking about how the spirit world is right here on earth. The spirits of those who have passed on are all around us right now. The spirits of the 1/3 of host of Heaven who were kicked out and will never receive a body are down here all around us trying to obtain our bodies through whatever means necessary. They will do anything to tempt us to destroy our bodies. Anytime we do ANYTHING that is destructive to our bodies, it is like an open invitation for those spirits to experience destructive things through our bodies.

He talked about when he used to teach seminary and he would give what he thought was an outstanding lesson where the spirit was so strong that he could hardly get through the lesson. He thought for sure he was in for a great day. Then the next 6 classes were nothing like the first. He talked about the difference being the spirits who followed those students around. He said that the things we do in this life will determine the spirits that follow us around. If we are listening to music that is terrible, we send an open invitation to the authors of that music to follow us around. When we go to R-rated movies or any inappropriate movies, we are inviting those kinds of spirits to follow us around. The spirits who are worthy of Paradise can and will be our guardian angels as long as we are doing things that are conducive to those spirits. I feel we have done very well in keeping a lot of the world's filth out of our home, even things that are considered socially acceptable among the church members. I have many people comment on the goodness they see in my kids. They can sense and feel a difference in them. I have often wondered and tonight it was confirmed to me, that because we do not watch a lot of TV and the movies that we do watch are filtered, the more the good spirits will be able to abide with them.

He also talked about the spirit world, which is hell, and paradise. Those spirits who have their saving ordinances done and who embrace the gospel, will go to paradise. Those who have not had their ordinances done and/or who do not embrace the gospel, will go to hell, until those ordinances are done and until they have been taught and embrace the gospel, then they can go to paradise. This is why it is so imperative to get to the temple and do the temple work. Those people are waiting until they can cross over. They are so grateful for the temple work that we are doing for them that they will follow us around all the days of our lives and be our guardian angels.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

She's in the shower!

I love calling my sister's house when she is in the shower. I am sure to be entertained by any one of her 4 boys who answer the phone. Here are a couple recent calls:

Me: Where's your mom?

Sam: She's in the shower.

Me: Okay, just have her call me when she gets out.

Sam: No, when you hear the shower turn off, you call back okay?

The second call:


Ammon: She's in the shower.

Me: Well, just have her call me when she gets out.

Ammon: Ok, but Aunt Bonnie?

Me: Yes?

Ammon: Can I leave you a message?

Me: Sure!

Ammon: Okay, bye!

This is what his mom heard from the shower:

Ammon: Mom! Aunt Bonnie called. I left her a message.

If you are interested in this same entertainment, your best timing would be anywhere between 9:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m.