Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peace is coming

I was walking through the mall with Rob the other night and came across this picture. My heart caught in my chest and I had to stop and stare. It was beautiful. It was bigger than my own living room wall and I thought for a brief moment I would sell my only car for it. It is amazing. This little picture does not do it justice (clicking on it should make it bigger), but hopefully you can see the meaning a little bit. There is a lot of symbolism in it.


My friend Alexis did a post today that really touched me. She has a new blog set up to help us all remember what it really means to have patriotism. I truly believe that "Peace is Coming," as the picture above is appropriately titled.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Broken things

Getting up and falling down. Getting up and falling down. Over and over again. Everyday I promise to do better, wondering why it is so hard. Yelling at him, not listening to her. Forgetting this and resenting that. Saying sorry, hoping for mercy, feeling broken inside. Getting up by taking His hand and somehow I catch His eyes. It is then that with certainty I know, He is okay with broken me. Falling down and getting up. Falling down and getting up. Over and over again.

Find a tissue and enjoy this video.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice Cream and Summer Days

If you haven't been here, here, here, or here in the last few hours then listen up. If you love me, I NEED your help. ALL the help you can give. One of my most adorable nieces is a finalist in a photo contest. If she wins then the prize is $500 dollars that will pay for her trip to come to our family reunion. We want her here sooooo bad! Go here and vote. Make sure you vote for #9 and you can vote once per day, but hey if you have more than one computer...just sayin ya know. I don't think it is cheating. As long as you don't have more computers than household members. Which I don't but if I did I would use them too NOT use them. (clearing throat...) Anyway. Thanks for your help!


Is that not the picture of adorableness? Quick! Go spread the word to those who love you and owe you their first born a favor!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

50 minute psychotherapy session

This is a 50 minute psychotherapy session dated 08/10/2008 for Bertha Magilicutti. We discussed many things today but the most concerning problem is her newly acquired "talking to herself." She stated that because she has been so busy and not able to "blog," she has found herself creating posts in her head at the most inopportune times. It is very frustrating for her that she cannot find the time to actually post these things and has thus resorted to keeping them to herself. She is often found laughing to herself, making hand gestures to no one in particular, and typing in midair. When she is questioned about this behavior by a family member, she just shrugs with pity that they cannot appreciate the blogs running through her head for they are "quite entertaining," and this is of course concerning to her family.

We talked about possible ways that she could make more time for this favorite past time as she says "this is definitely something that she does not want to give up." One of her ideas of finding more time was that she would suggest to her children that they flush the toilets themselves, brush their own teeth, put their own shoes in the shoe basket, cook their own dinner, wash their own clothes, do their own shopping, take their own selves to young women's, scouts, achievement days, etc; she would have her husband do the dinner dishes, put the kids to bed, clean his own bathroom, hang his own clothes; she would have the dog feed herself and take her own bath; she would tell the ladies she will soon be visiting teaching to just give her a call if they ever need anything and I am sure she would have kept going if I had not stopped her on account of time.

As we talked about a few of these things that are not feasible, she finally agreed and decided that she could indeed just stay up until all hours of the night to get her fix of blogging. We will see her back in one week to see if she is successful in her quest to find more time to share with you about all of her new adventures in Santaquin.