Friday, August 21, 2009

Packin' Heat

Big surprise...I am back. Big crazy move and getting kids back to school. I have missed so many great posts because I have not had time to write them. But today, the house is clean and no kids to mess it up and there is no work... lucky you!

So I am thinking of a day, yesterday to be exact, when Brooklyn came running up into the yard with vegetables from anonymous neighbor's garden. "Hey dad! You have got to try this! It is sooooo good!"

Rob: Um, I am not eating that. That is a jalapeno. It is VERY hot.

Brooklyn: It's not hot! I promise. I already ate one.

Rob: No you didn't.

Brooklyn: Uh huh.

Rob: Well let me see then.

Me (in my mind): Just humor her already would ya?

Brooklyn giggling mischieviously: Hehehe okay!

She proceeds to very cautiously nibble at the end. Rob and I could not believe she was going this far with it.

Brooklyn (chewing the minute piece she had gotten off with her teeth): See? It is not hot.

Rob: You didn't eat enough.

Being the BRAVE kid she is (she will do almost anything) and REALLY wanting to pull off this joke, she takes a bigger bite. The heat finally hits and the tears immediately appear. She spits it out and starts to cry, but not for long. Rob and I busted out laughing and we had tears for an entirely different reason than her.

Rob not being one to pass up a good challenge (or should I say opportunity to humor the kids), takes the jalapeno that Brooklyn had brought to him and bites off half and chews it up. I am not even sure he realized the heat that thing could pack. He was up and out of his chair and to the hose and had it turned on before I could blink.

Brooklyn starts to laugh as the result was better than anything she could have hoped for and told him (now this is the good part): (Anonymous neighbor) told me to bring it to you and trick you to eat it! HEHEHEHEHE!

(Note to anonymous neighbor: Rob doesn't sleep until he gets even...LOL)

Well we all know that a good trick is not a good trick unless it backfires right? Brooklyn was still holding her jalapeno in her hand and asked what made them so hot. I told her that the seeds usually made it really hot. Next thing I know she swipes a few seeds out of the way and takes another BIG bite. Within a split second she spits it out and starts SCREAMING bloody murder. She runs to the hose (that Rob had abandoned for something more helpful in the house) and starts to drink. She didn't find that anymore helpful than Rob had and was still screaming so I took her into the house to get some milk. There was Rob still blowing steam out of his ears, nose and eyes while stuffing his face with anything he could get his hands on. The milk was not helping and Brooklyn was still hysterical so I was searching for something else. Rob pulled out a bowl and some ice cream for her and the wailing subsided considerably. By this time the other kids had come running to see what was up and insisted they wanted ice cream too.

Would they get some? Only if they wanted to earn it like Brooklyn. That's what I thought! Nada!

FYI, ice cream does help...very much.