Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Halloween Night

Guess BOO? Oh, I mean witch Gooch sister dressed up as a BooB for Halloween?

How many ways can YOU spell Boo?B

Will the real BooB please stand up?



Many a spooks were out tonight!
We knew before we entered the big scary world of pirates and witches...

we would need someone to protect us...

But they had to prove themselves worthy to be our protectors...

Of course they couldn't do it without their ferocious sidekick Boo!!

Now that the royalty would be protected...

we made sure they would not feel the pangs of hunger...


Monday, October 29, 2007

TIME for family home evening!

Welcome to family home evening with the Smiths!

"Ok! I'll say it! But Brandon HAS to turn around and sit up first! Sheesh! And Brooklyn! Put your clothes back on and find your seat this instant!"

{insert picture of disgruntled family member saying prayer}

"Now, who would like to pick the opening song?"

"Does anyone want to P L E A S E be the peacemaker...?"
(Note to self: Next weeks lesson, taking turns or... maybe the golden rule)
"Megan you go ahead but you need to put your book away until AFTER Home Evening. No, no, no. You need to put it ON the book shelf not and not under it!"

{insert picture of family singing together in harmony. NOT}

"Well then. We MADE it through the song. Jordan, you may sing a solo since you sang SO low we couldn't hear you"

We can sit here all night long if we must, but yes...we do know that you can sing and we would like to HEAR it.

3 hours later...

Alexis dear, you can wake up now and read your scripture...

Alexis! WAKE UP!

It is now time for the closing prayer. Wifey dear, would you please give us the closing prayer?


Family Home Eve
The only family fight that begins and ends with a prayer!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

There is a sucker born every minute!

And suckers produce suckers...

Having someone who is up to a good challenge is quite entertaining to have around sometimes!

To say that Rob loves a challenge would be an understatement! Being a sucker and loving a challenge could present a challenge of its own. Someone smart would say it could be a benefit to everyone around him. Let me illustrate (without illustrations)...

Rob has become somewhat of a legend at work. He can down stack the freight load in unheard of speeds. He can also throw a whole isle in record breaking time. Because he is the manager of a shift with a huge turnaround, there are many new faces on his crew each month who beg to see this legend. The conversations usually go a little something like this:

Robert to peon, punk employee:
Uh, could you speed it up a little. You don't have all night.

New punk employee in the voice of Eeyore(he is quite a legend in and of himself):
I'm going as fast as I can. Why don't you try going any faster.

Bonnie(I'm not
really physically there in this conversation): If you really knew who you were talking to, you would not have just said that!

Robert (with a "get real look"):
Are you serious?!? This is the Speedo Freightido Bandito you're talking to. I hold the record in all down stacking, freight throwing, facing and overhead detail!

Employee that has worked there for more than a month:
Yeah, Robert could throw your whole isle and have it cleaned up in 1 hour!

{insert picture of a grocery store isle with 400 cases down the middle}

New punk employee(with a laugh starting in his belly):
Oh, I would really like to see that. (then in is taunting voice)Maybe we should bring the enquirer in just so it can be documented in all the grocery stores all around! (Then he put on HIS "get real" look that was pretty convincing for a punk kid) There's NOBODY that can throw that fast!

{At this point all employees that were once the new punk employee, were gathering around for the grand show.}

Bonnie the Narrator:
Now this is where Robert can't help himself. He is going to have to put that punk kid in his place right? Not only is Rob going to prove that he can throw that whole isle in 1 hour. He wants to make sure this kid (and all the others watching, who at one point were already made aware of the super powers that he possesses) will never underestimate him again. There is a bet made. Money (not much) and goods are thrown in the pot and the timer starts (as the rest of the 15+ employees watch on). In less than 3 hours Robert has successfully done what no other human being is capable of. He has thrown each and every isle, cleaned up the boxes and trash left behind from such speed, faced the isles, AND worked the over heads. He even beat his old record of 3 hours and 15 minutes!

15+ employees and the new punk employee:
Wow! Yeah Rob, you are the Speedo Freigtido Bandito! Whoo hoo Rob! Yeah you did it again. We always knew you rocked! Here, take this, you deserve it.

Bonnie the narrator:
They hand over the pot and not having anything else to do for the night, walk away to clock out.

15+ employees to the new punk employee:
You see my man, that's how it's done!

Bonnie the narrator:
The last statement made by the employees could be taken many ways. Were they educating the punk employee? OR where they so impressed with Rob that they wanted to see it again and again and again? Why are there so many new punk employees?

I'm beginning to think they are smarter than Rob thinks!