Saturday, November 17, 2007

In loving memory

You all know that feeling of hearing that a good friend has passed on unexpectedly. That is the feeling that I experienced yesterday! It is a feeling I do not take well. It haunts me for weeks!

Jordan has a good friend from Enoch named April, who she keeps in touch with and who used to live right behind us. This friend has come to visit us since we left Enoch and we cherished her time with us.

Jordan called her yesterday to talk to her and found out that this girl's mother (and my friend) had been killed in an automobile accident LAST Saturday! Jordan was pretty upset that something like this could happen and realized just how fragile life really is.

Her name is Wendy and she was amazing. She had kidney failure 7 years ago and had to go on dialysis. Two years ago she was the recipient of a live donor kidney transplant. That story is amazing enough and we had the privilege of having April stay with us while Wendy had the surgery. She recovered well and finished college and was teaching 1st grade in the elementary that my kids went to while living in Enoch. So this was a sad ending to a great life that was full of goodness.

Jordan went to the temple this morning to do baptisms for the dead for her first time. She was so excited and all the young women were supposed to be fasting. So Jordan said, "Mom, I think I am going to fast for April too," and she did. What an amazing daughter and friend!

It is stories like these that rock my world! I get so paranoid that I am going to lose someone or that I will die before I am ready. My greatest fear is an unexpected death. I never want to lose a loved one before I can tell them how much I truly care! I never want to live with regret that I didn't get to know someone better.

So go and give yourselves all a big hug for me and make sure that you never take life for granted! Tell your family everyday how much they mean to you.

My prayers are for April and her family. They are amazing and I pray that they will always remember what a wonderful mother they have.


JerBear & Co. said...

Thank you, Bonnie! We love you too! And give yourself a hug back, as well as a hug for all the rest of your family for us! Love, The Texas Gooches

Roxanne said...

That is such a big thing to handle.I am proud of jordan. It reflects on how much love and closeness you have with your family. She is a really good girl. If we had a daughter I would love her to look up to jordan. I am thankful to have such good examples around us. LOVE YOU ROXIE