Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice Cream and Summer Days

If you haven't been here, here, here, or here in the last few hours then listen up. If you love me, I NEED your help. ALL the help you can give. One of my most adorable nieces is a finalist in a photo contest. If she wins then the prize is $500 dollars that will pay for her trip to come to our family reunion. We want her here sooooo bad! Go here and vote. Make sure you vote for #9 and you can vote once per day, but hey if you have more than one computer...just sayin ya know. I don't think it is cheating. As long as you don't have more computers than household members. Which I don't but if I did I would use them too NOT use them. (clearing throat...) Anyway. Thanks for your help!


Is that not the picture of adorableness? Quick! Go spread the word to those who love you and owe you their first born a favor!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I voted! I gotta say there were some cute cute pictures there, it was a toss up but in the end I did vote for your niece! What an adorable picture and certainly the cutest! Good luck!