Monday, January 5, 2009

Me and Moses could have been great buddies.

Do you remember how I did this post on time and how I didn't think I had enough of it? and then how I got called to the scouts and really wondered if my family was going to survive one more event that was going to take me away from them? Me too. And now I know that God must have a sense of humor because he took me out of scouts and put me as second counselor in the R.S. It was kind of funny, but I was not laughing.

Now if you are not familiar with that position, it requires conducting and public teaching. That is right. ME teaching a bunch of women. It has only happened once and if I recall, it was not such a great experience. You see, I am one who pictures myself getting up in front of everyone and in a sing-song way eloquently teaching the things of the spirit in such a way that laughter and tears flow in the audience and everyone leaves the class with a lightness to their step and nobody can wait until I teach again. I can see myself with confidence and determination as I try to instill into their hearts that they are daughters of God and that he loves them. You know those kind of teachers that I am talking about right. But instead when I get up I blubbler and boob and my mind goes blank! All those thoughts of sharing my deepest love and concern for them comes out in mumbo jumbo and they are all like WHAT? You know those kind too right?

As I accepted the call, I thought about Moses and I recalled that he too worried about the same thing. He was slow of speech. The words did not come easily for him.

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