Saturday, March 21, 2009

The lady next to me

Rob and I went to a no-good movie Knowing (with Nicolas Cage). I think the lady sitting next to me provided way more entertainment than did this movie. Don’t get me wrong it was very intense and had action and blood and gore, but a very poor plot.

Anyhoo, the plot is not the reason for the post. No, no, no. Like I mentioned, it was the dear lady next to me who probably had to go home and take her heart medication after it was all over.

Let me see if I can capture her character here for you before the story begins.

She was all alone if that says anything. She was a gramma lady (as Boo would say). She must live for movies. …And that is all I can come up with. (Totally flunked character building in English).

10 minutes into the movie I hear this:

Lady: Is this seat taken?

Me: Yeah, it’s for my coat. Oh no. Here let me move that for you.

Lady: Thanks, those other chairs are just way too hard.

She soon settled and the movie progressed. It got very intense as you will soon see.

Movie: Crash, boom, bang!

Lady: Whimper…

Me to myself: Did she just whimper? {Snicker}

Movie: More of the crash, boom, bang! and even some scary music.

Lady as much to herself as she was capable: Oh glory! NO!

Me: Mam? Are you okay?

Lady with a look of “please don’t interrupt me while I’m in the zone:” Oh, yeah… heh, heh.

By this time Rob was looking over my shoulder to see what all the commotion was and to if she was in fact going to be ok.

After much fidgeting, crossing and uncrossing her legs, shifting herself in her seat, whimpering repeatedly, and voicing her opinion out loud about the no-good long awaited conclusion and right before the aneurism (not really, but could have happened), the movie finally came to an end.

So if you are still bent on seeing this movie after my review, make sure you find a gramma lady who is all by herself, who knows how to become one with the movie and save her a seat next to you. You will NOT be disappointed.

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That cracks me up!! I'm dying to see that movie. The previews looked very enticing, however I wonder if my experience will be super lame since I don't have time to fetch me a little Gramma lady to accompany me. I'll let you know.....

cory and sharon said...

Just watch out! Someday you may be that old lady! :)

Jennie said...

I was hoping that one would be great. I love Nicholas Cage. Bummer!

Wendoyoublog in Colorado said...

Oh man, I thought you were going to say that her seat was wet after she got up.

Abby said...

I love watching the reactions of other movie goers. That movie looked lame to me anyway. Glad I didn't waste my money going to see it.

Amber said...

You are too funny!! I loved reading this blog it made my day! Good one Bonnie!