Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Boo!

5 things that Boo wants to know today...

1. What does 5 years old look like?
2. How many more days until I am in Junior High?
3. You don't need a baby anymore mom. Can't you just have school now instead?
4. Will EVERYONE call me today?

Brooklyn started in on me a few months ago that she is not a baby anymore and she does not need to sit in a baby car seat anymore and did NOT need her booster at the dinner table anymore. We had to take the training wheels off of her bike and she is well on her way to freedom from them.

While she is in kindergarten this year she has informed me that I may not go anywhere while she is in school. I have to stay home and wait for her. She may need me.
The only thing she wanted for her birthday is "her" puppy back that we sold last week.

Oh, and a Barbie castle. One that is taller than her.

And a swimming pool, lots and lots of Polly Pockets, a new bike, a watch, new clothes, lots of candy AND her own bed.

She will be having chicken enchiladas for her birthday dinner and brownies with ice cream for her dessert. Anyone?

Oh yeah. Do you want to know what 5 years old looks like?

Hang on, that was before her bath...

Besides being taller today than yesterday, she can run faster, eat more, count higher, read more books and give better hugs.



Cindy said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday!

Abby said...

Jeremy is the same way, "Don't go anywhere Mom, you better be here when I get back." Oh the memories.

cory and sharon said...

Happy Birthday Boo. You are the cutest 5 year old I know. I hope you have the funnest day ever. You only get to turn 5 once, so live it up, you cutie.
Sure love you.
Aunt Sharon and her boys

mamabearharder said...

Kierstyn was soooo happy to get to wish you a happy b-day! I sure loved hearing your sweet little five year old voice on the phone today :) You really sound like a 5 yr. old should sound....all grown up!! WE love you!!!!!!!

kenandshaney said...

She is absolutely adorable! I can't beleive how much she looks like Jordan! Happy birthday little Boo!

Tamster said...

I know this comment is late, but we did call her on her b-day. Anyway, happy birthday, Boo! I hope it is everything you imagined and more! :-)

Good luck, Bon! I can't believe your baby will be in K this year! Looking at that picture, I just kept thinking, "Did Jessica really change that much this past year?" The scary thing is, I think she really did. One year seems to make a huge difference, especially starting school and all.

She's a cutie! You'd better not go anywhere because she might need you! :-)