Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why I am so excited this year

In years past it has been way too easy for me to get caught up in making sure all of my kids had everything on their list and went into panic mode when I started to wrap and realized that John had more than Jane and the rest of the clan (names have been changed to protect the spoiled) and had to run to the store to find more things to prevent the inevitable counseling they would need someday because I must not love them as much.

I was determined that this year would be a little different...much to my kid's dismay I declared that this Christmas would be a Homemade Christmas. The kids had to come up with gift ideas that had to be made from their own hands. It could not be something silly and it was to take a lot of thought and planning. I had heard of it being done before and balked at the idea myself as anyone who knows me knows that even though I came from one of the craftiest, made-everything-on-this-planet moms, I have the creativity of a hamster. So as each child came up with ideas I could see the excitement/creativity (even from me) start to flow. I spent more time in the craft stores than all my life combined (even all the times with mom as a kid) and wanted one of everything.

My questions of whether they were "getting it" were answered by these exclamations:

"I can't wait for Christmas so everyone can see it!"

"Oh, I just want to go give it to her RIGHT now!"

"Mom, when can we work on my gifts?" x10

"Mom, when can we work on my gifts?" x10

"Mom, when can we work on my gifts?" x10

"Mom, when can we work on my gifts?" x10

"Mom, when can we work on my gifts?" x10

"Wife, when can we work on my gifts?" x10


Coming soon: A peek at the busy little elves...


Abby said...

That sounds so fun!! I can't wait to see what they came up with.

Tamster said...

Great idea! Funny, just yesterday I was talking to Britt about that very idea. She said she always has her kids make Christmas presents for each other. Like for example, her 5 year-old is making homemade playdough for everyone because it's something he can do that they'll enjoy. I thought that was a fun idea.

Yesterday was her daughter's 7th b-day. Her almost 11-year-old daughter sewed (by hand) a cat pillow for her all by herself. She absolutely loved it, and it was fabulous, especially since it was made with love!

Great plan, Bon! I'm anxious to see what everyone does. I should be more on the ball and involved that way getting my kids doing stuff. I'm bad. :-(

Thanks for getting me thinking... :-)


What a fantastic idea!! I'm dying to see pictures of all the darling things they each have made! They are the luckiest kids on the block to have such a great little Mom!! I know it's because you had the best Mom on the block!! You Gooch girls are each overflowing with wonderfulness! I adore each one of you!!

Wenderful in Colorado said...

So, I think I know what someone is getting. Bling bling.

I should have thought of that. You DO win the best mother of the year award. But, I'll be back to take the award back.

Can't wait for those Christmas photos.

Huck's mama said...

You really have given your children a great gift- the gift of learning the joy of giving. That's the best gift of all!

kenandshaney said...

I tried to make each family member a homemade gift this year, but Carter changed that and I barely got what I had under the tree. I got an idea from a friend for next year to limit the gifts to 3 for each child because this is how many gifts Christ got. I want to give it a try!! I can't wait to see what they came up with!!!