Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caution: Objects in the glasses may appear larger than they are not

What an experience. To have everything you have ever believed to be right, seem wrong. When my eye doc, i.e. brother told me I could benefit from having more than 2 eyes, I was not too happy, but the promise that my 8+ hours in front of the computer each day would seem less grueling, I relented.

When I first tried the glasses on, I had to call the doc himself to make sure they made them right, because the world as I had known it, was no more. EVERYTHING was odd shaped and much bigger.

Alexis' homework page looked like it had been trimmed by a 1st grader. My computer screen looked like it had been run over. Everything that had once been square or rectangle was now trapezoid or screwywampus.

As I made dinner, there were multiple times that I reached to grab the pan that was NOT falling off the stove. When I opened the kitchen drawer, I quickly saved it from NOT falling on the floor.

When I drove the car, I felt like I was in a big king cab truck and when I drove past a pot hole, I held on for dear life as it seemed it would swallow me whole. When I drove under some tree branches, I ducked.

When I walked outside, I felt like I was on stilts, but the ground was still so close to me.

What was my most shocking discovery? That I miss plenty of eyebrows when I pluck.

What is my favorite part? Rob likes them. He really likes them.

All in all, it has been a real trip. Anyone observing me might have wondered if I was under the influence. It sure felt like it. I don't think I could have had more fun if I had joined one of those kind of parties (not that I would know what those kind of parties feel like, but I could imagine).

Thank goodness it is supposed to be short lived. I don't think I could take it anymore. Today, things are starting to seem normal again, but there are still things that trick me.

Today, I tried to look at my computer without my glasses and everything was blurry. I had to squint real hard to see what was there. Now I know what Doc was talking about when he said my brain was working overtime to see.

Thanks Paul!


Jennie said...

Love your glasses!! You look darling! I remember feeling like that when I got my first pair of glasses--really weird!

Alexis said...

You look way cute Bon! Love the glasses! I dated a guy once who was almost legally blind; when he got glasses for the first time he was amazed that there were actually individual blades of grass. Of course he knew this to be true already, but seeing is believing, eh. This sounds so short bus rider-ish. haha I assure you he was/is a very intelligent man.

Abby said...

Finally you have come over to dark side with all the rest of the four-eyed clan!! You look great though, and knowing Paul, those glasses will last a LONG time!!

Tina Williams said...

I love your new header, blog design etc. -- it is so refreshing and adorable and I'm so jealous. The glasses look good on you. I got a new pair recently as well -- it really magnifies the dirt -- especially dust and streaks on mirrors. You look great!

Lacee DeG said...

They are super CUTE!! And, I'm SO glad I wasn't on the road when YOU were, PHEW!! hahah..glad all is well in the eye department

Bonnie said...

Thanks everyone! They are definitely getting better.

Thanks Tina. It was definitely time for a blog face lift. I have to give credit to Leelou blogs. It was super easy, just had to plug it in.

Marilee said...

You look good in glasses! Does it make you feel a older though? (I can say that because I wear glasses and sometimes it makes me feel older than I really am).

Robert S. said...

I like them, and it has nothing to do with the phrase misery loves company :-) Actually they are very cute glasses. You look good babe:-)