Saturday, March 20, 2010

One lash, 2 lash, 3 lash, 4!

Jordan has some amazing lashes. Long and full. To die for.

Today I watched as she pulled one from off her cheek and cursed it for falling out of its place. I laughed at her and told her I knew from experience another would grow right where the other had fallen out. She didn't believe me and thinks she will soon be lashless. This made me think of a couple of funny lash stories from my youth.

1. One day I found an eyelash on my cheek and my friend told me I could make a wish on that eyelash. This was great news to me because I could have used a few wishes back then. So I made a wish. And then I kept a sharp eye out for any stray lashes. When I did find one, I immediately made a wish. Then the thought occurred to me, why wait for one to fall out, when I could just give them a little tug and help them along a little? So I reached up to pull one out, but there was not just one, there was a whole bunch. Wow how lucky was I? I made a bundle of wishes. This method of manually providing the lash for the wish proved much more lucrative than just waiting around... time. and. time. again. I grew out of that a long time ago, and thank goodness, as age is not providing them quite as abundantly as before.

2. One day in 5th grade I was bending down in my seat to grab an assignment from the storage bin under my chair, when what should I see, but a pair of scissors. Please don't ask what got into my brain at that very moment. To this day I could not tell you. But I took that pair of scissors and chopped off every eyelash in between eyelash 1 on the right side and eyelash 1,1825,325 on the the left with one big chop. There they all were in my hand! It was at THAT very moment that common sense slapped me in the face and I wondered HOW in the world I was going to sit up and face the class. The teacher had called us all up to the front of the class with our assignments and I could NOT bring my self to sit up and go up there. And there I sat, for who knows how long, bent over in my chair pretending to find that darn assignment. Finally, when I could not drag it out any longer, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. I raced out of the class and into the bathroom dreading the sight of the damage. Man, was I in trouble. I walked around with my head down for the rest of the day and if I remember right, my teacher even asked if I was feeling ill. Just a little bit.

Over the course of the regrowth, not ONE person said anything about it until MANY weeks later when I was riding somewhere with my mom and she looked over at me and asked incredulously, "Did you cut your eyelashes?!?!?!?" I think I was so caught off guard that she could even tell at this point, that I might have lied and said, "No! Why would I do something dumb like that?"

Yes folks, I still have eyelashes, and for all the wishes I ever made, the very best one that came true is being a mom to amazing kids who love me despite my common-senseless days.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Bonnie... so keep the scissors away from you. Got it. You know, the short bus is here and there are a few more seats left. You can come along, but remember to bring your helmet and crayons and NO LICKING THE WINDOWS! hahaha

Abby said...

Jordan is so beautiful!! I love stories like that. It makes me feel like I wasn't the only one who was crazy!

Here at home said...

Hum. I don't think I remember that incident. Funny, though. Abby, Matt has a similar story, doesn't he? Only it was his eyebrows and a razor.
Te he. I love Jordan's eyelashes. No, more like, I envy them. It's just not fair we didn't get those beautiful long eyelashes. :)