Saturday, January 5, 2008

Silly Number Seven

What a great day to be 7! Alexis this post is for you!!!
7 things I love about you.
1. You have the 2 cutest dimples I have EVER seen!
2. Your singing is so fun to hear. You had the cutest 3 year old voice I have ever heard!
3. You are REALLY good at reading. I love to hear you read to Brooklyn. She loves it too!
4. You are really good at sharing your things with other people.
5. You are the best "Secret Person" in this family. I always loved it when you picked my name because I ALWAYS had a surprise on my pillow 3 times a day!
6. You are so BRAVE. You are never scared to go down stairs to the "dungeon" when I need a can of something for dinner. Even your dad is too scared for that sometimes. He is always glad when you will go down with him to keep him safe!
7. And last but surely not least, you are the sweetest , most thoughtful, kind, caring, perfectionist that I ever knew!

Happy Birthday!!

Alexis was eager to get into this world. My water broke as we pulled into the hospital parking lot and I waddled into the labor and delivery. She was kind enough to wait until I climbed into the hospital bed to be checked, but not for the doctor, before she caused great alarm by making her grand entrance into the birth canal. It was impossible to wait for the doctor at that point but gratefully the doctor is a fast runner. She got there just in time to catch her as she slid out.

Alexis had the cutest little voice and I was smart enough to catch it on a wave file but can't figure out how to get it on my blog. You would love it!

Alexis says to have a great new year everyone!


Anonymous said...

(In my cute 3 year old voice) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alexis!

Your mom is right, you do have cute dimples. They are the cutest two I have seen because my girl has the CUTEST one dimple I have ever seen!

Happy Birthday! I love you , LOVE Aunt Wendy in AK

Sharebear said...

Alexis, You are so awesome. Happy, happy birthday to you! Best wishes to a special girl from your favorite aunt Sharon and your cousins. You really are cute and adorable and sweet and loveable and wonderful and beautiful and huggable.

Anonymous said...

I love you. You're the nicest people and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! I'm glad I've got you guys as my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas. You guys are nice. I love you. Good Bye!

From Alexis.

mamabearharder said...

Oh Lexi, you can't be 7 already! I remember being there when you made your quick enterance into this world. You are such a sweet and talented little angel and I sure miss being there to see you grow. Your cousin Kierstyn sure loves that she gets to share her B-day with her favorite cousin :) We sure love you and hope you have a wonderful day!!
By the way, you are so blessed to have such amazing parents who love you so much!!!

Tamster said...

Happy Birthday, Alexis! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you, but at least we got to call and sing to you this morning (technically yesterday morning, since it is after midnight). Jessica had fun talking to you. We hope you had a fun day! We love you! :-)
Tami, Jeremy, Jessica, Jacob, and Matthew

Pineapple Princess said...

This is Aunt Shauna, who is your FAVORITE aunt wishing you a happy bday. Hope you had lots of fun and will remember it forever! We love and miss you.

Tamster said...

I just wanted Alexis' favorite aunt to be the 7th comment for her 7th birthday blog post! ;-)
I can't believe she's 7! She was born when Jeremy and I were dating! In some ways I can't believe it's been that long, and then other times it seems like forever ago, like I can hardly remember life before knowing Jeremy! Alexis was the first addition to the family that I was around for, and she'll always be special to me because of those memories! I love you, Alexis! :-)
We're just going to drag this birthday out as long as we can!!! :-)
Aunt Tami