Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Call To FHE with the Smith's

As we learned in one of my posts, FHE can be kind of a challenge here. Well tonight was a mix of that and just good ole laughs.


has been working on earning his religious badge for scouts and trying to complete his

Faith In God (hereafter referred to as FIG). He asked me last week if he could be in charge of FHE this week. Of course I said yes because who wouldn't?

So it is with great bewilderment that halfway through the lesson tonight, I still had not pinpointed the exact topic he had chosen. So far we had covered the sacrament and why it is important to renew you baptismal covenants each week, The First Vision, and how our prayers are answered when we ask in sincerity. Here are a few highlights of each topic:

The first vision: We learned that Joseph Smith wrote a lengthy but excellent account of The First vision that takes about 30 minutes to read when taking turns with EVERYONE in the family.

Our Prayers Are Answered When We Ask In Sincerity: This important lesson was taught by the account of the first vision. Jordan was brave enough to admit that at times she is saying her prayers and finds herself with spiritual ADD because she can't remember if she finished the prayer or not and has to start all over. We all laughed a nervous laugh as if we could relate.

She also told a story of a man (she couldn't remember who but he was a youth speaker, she thinks it was Thoreau Baily but can't quite remember) who was praying to know if the church was true and he thought for sure when his prayer was over he was going to see angels all around him. When he opened his eyes, he saw a light fill his room. He fell to the floor in astonishment. At that same moment he realized it was just the lights of a car passing by.

This funny story of God's humor reminded me of a time when I was laying in bed. I think depression had sent me there and I was pleading with God to give me a desire to get up and take care of my family. I was laying there holding Baby Boo and really had no desire to climb out of bed. After a couple of half hearted prayers, I decided I needed a little more sincerity. As I was once again pleading for help, Boo threw up all over me. It was everywhere! I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and quickly realized that my prayer was answered! I laughed and laughed until I could not laugh any more. I love His sense of humor!

The Sacrament: Brandon had a revelation as he taught us how the sacrament works. His favorite part must have been the understanding that taking the sacrament is like getting baptized all over again because he said that when he dies he hopes it is on a Sunday right after he partakes of the sacrament...

Well I must have forgot to give him a time limit on his FHE because 1 1/2 hours later (or so it seemed), we finished and he brought me his FIG book and proudly showed me how he passed off 5 different requirements in that FHE! Go figure!


JerBear & Co. said...

Well how clever of Brandon to do it that way.

sharbear said...

This is hilarious. Good job Brandon for an FHE well done (and I mean very well done). You'll have to ask Wow the story she heard from Vicki Panke when she asked God to give her a break. It's great.

Pineapple Princess said...

He deserves passing off all 5 for doing a 1 1/2 hr. fhe AND because he was so clever to do them all at once.

Huck Finn & Co. said...

Gosh, my kids have a fit if we go over 30 minutes. You tell Brandon he's the man!

Huck Finn & Co. said...

You know, Jordan shouldn't feel so bad if she forgot if she finished her prayer. I have called everyone together for family prayer a few times after we have just finished having one. I think that has to do with thinking about other things during the prayer. Yeah, A.D.D, that's it. she was right!

Tamster said...

Smart kid! Sounds like a good FHE, too! :-)

Mike and or Cindy said...

Bonnie, I have a new found appreciation for your writing talents and the example you set for us all. You have some wonderful kids and a pretty awesome hubby to.