Monday, May 12, 2008

I really have been

Since there have been many daunting tasks that have kept me away from blogging these days I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Talking on the phone seems to help my daily chores be a lot less painful so I am going to try blogging while I tackle a chore that seems to never get crossed off my ever growing list of things to do. Do you mind? My computer desk is a clutter magnet and I have had it on my list of things to do for the last couple of months. So come with me and together we can do it...(do I sound like Mr. Rogers yet, or even Barney?)

This little angel below

likes to help me with my list of things to do and I even tried to employ her to help me with the computer, but even she runs away at the site of this. ("Please mom, NO!, why do I always have to help you?)

I know this is really piggish of me to show you all my nastiness, and I admit this is the product of not scheduling my time (what little I have) more wisely, but I am really trying! I promise. (Oh yeah, if you are a robber then please be advised that none of this stuff (as evidenced by my later pictures) will be here after today. It will all be hauled off to some undisclosed location far away from here. AND if you try to come and call my bluff, I have a really mean dog who will TAKE. YOU. DOWN!

Hello little dust bunnies. How do you seem to multiply so plentifully and so quickly?!?!?

Now to the really pull-my-hair-out part! What to do with all of this STUFF?

I hope I can remember where everything went. I will be lost from here on out when I need something. Until now I always could find it right here...

(If the speakers are bothering you too, I am sorry. The cord was too short to center them just right. Sorry.)

Thanks for all of your help and support. I could feel it before you even sent it. Here is a small sample of the other things I got to cross off of my list recently.

What's on your list?

P.S. I know that I have been REALLY bad lately and I have not given you all the love and comments that you so rightly deserve, and I know that I don't deserve any from you but GIVE, GIVE.


Iditadad said...

You just made your father and I really homesick with pictures of the interior of our home. Your dad commented that he can't even remember what our home looks like anymore. By the way, expert, what does it mean whenever we go to town that your dad talks about either going to Nephi or Anchorage instead of Fairbanks? Is he just possibly "trunky". Love Wow

sharebear said...

Next on my list: Bonnie coming to clean my house. I need my closet cleaned, my toilets scrubbed, my floors mopped, carpet vacuumed and shampooed, weeds pulled, windows cleaned, walls painted, piano, bookcase, entertainment center organized and dusted. Can you be here tomorrow?

sharebear said...

K- does this mean you're going to comment on mine now? You can clean my computer desk while you make comments if you can do it while you blog, right?

Huck Finn & Co. said...

I would love to say you have inspired me to go and do likewise, but all you have really done is piled more guilt upon this guiltridden old lady sister of yours. I'm glad you at least found a place to start, that would be my main holdup. I was thinkin though, if you could come to visit me, we could get my stuff done and then share the experience and Sharon could get more inspired- she doesn't really need you anyway. She has a house full of helpers.


Pineapple Princess said...

How did I get such funny sisters?

I hope Bonnie coughed on the keys so I can catch the spring cleaning bug again. I am all out of energy. Maybe it is the 90 degree weather.

That just looks so awesome! Kudos.

And, could you do something about those speakers. Paaalease.

Wendear in Alaska said...

It's called selling your house...thats the only reason my home is clean right now. I mean, unfuncionaly clean!

from: stressed to the max

....nothing to do right now because my home is clean...go read my blog

mamabearharder said...

When I have the umf to do this kind of thing, I end up in bed for two days after I am done! So Bonnie, I think you are going to be one busy woman with all of these sisters that want you to come "visit!"

Abby said...

Good thing you taught those dust bunnies a lesson, if your not careful they multiply by the thousands. Just go look in my house.

Tamster said...

You thought that computer desk looked bad? You'd better not see mine, or you'd probably have a heart attack, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for that! Ours is worse, and that's after it has been cleaned off recently. It just seems to keep piling up, and we can't keep it from happening. I think it is cursed or something. How nice it would be if it EVER looked as clean and organized as yours is now! And I still LOVE that computer desk of Mom and Dad's. It's so beautiful... especially clean!!! :-) The rest looks great, too! Good job, Bon! So when are you coming to Texas? Maybe you can stop here on your way to NC! :-) Oh, and you might have to stop again on your way back, too, seeing how clutter at our house seems to multiply so quickly. ;-)

BonBon said...

Thanks for all of your kind comments. Of course you all know I would love to come and help you right? RIGHT? Okay then. Wendy and I have been talking and we have decided that since all of you need help so badly that we would take a Italy. Happy cleaning!

On a serious note. Pip directed me to a website called the flylady. Google it. It is great. It has helped me to make some better habits (though they are small right now) that help me to organize my time better and realize that we just don't need so much clutter in our lives! I am learning to let go of things that I just don't need. It is hard but it feels so good. I still have so much to do but I have started making lists and a list that I fill out every night. Sometimes it doesn't get done but that is ok. I can share with you a system that is similar to one that mom tried to institute when we were little. It has the potential to work GREAT, but again it is learning little habits that make it work. Wish me luck!

kenandshaney said...

Can I rent you for the weekend? MY house is in serious neglect, especially with my being out of comission for a week. I don't think that I will ever catch up! I am every impressed you have alot more ambition then I do!