Monday, September 8, 2008

His first, my first, our first

We got an itch to take the fam for a day out. We weren't intending to end up on this trail that led to a... place. I hadn't been on this trail for over 14 years. Would we remember how to get there? After all it is a place that holds hilarious romantic memories for us and a place I have wanted to revisit. Never mind that we had the dog and four of our five kids with us, they were eager to see this place too. With flip flops, giggles and a twinkle in our eye we set out. It was an adventure indeed.

DSC01867 DSC01864

This is the first landmark I recognized.

DSC01879 DSC01883 DSC01892 DSC01899 DSC01893 DSC01888DSC01898

We crossed the river 1852 countless times. This is where my flip flops came in handy.

DSC01904 DSC01903

Wild raspberries were not expected but cherished.


"Is this the place mom?" and "are we there yet?" became the whine of choice was asked at every turn.

DSC01906 DSC01900

Awe the cave! We are almost there.



DSC01922DSC01925 DSC01924

DSC01928 DSC01927

I don't remember the moo cows. They could have been there though...



Rob: Hmmm. Did we pass it? I remember it being this way.

BonBon: Well I remember it being this way.

Anonymous kid: I am surprised you remembered anything at all...

DSC01886 DSC01882 DSC01930

Why?! Why do we have to turn back? We wanted to see it!

Anonymous kid #2: Yeah we wanted to see where you had your first (giggle, snicker)...

Anonymous kid #3: SMOOCH! (giggle, giggle, snort, snort!)

Anonymous kid #4: Ewe!


Pineapple Princess said...

I think all the anonymous children were hoping you wouldn't really find it so they wouldn't have to see you smooch for the second time.

Jonny and Alexis said...

lol to the comment above mine!

Huck's mama said...

Pip! They have 5 kids, duh. This would be like the sixth smooch...

Sarah said...

How cute!!! Looks like you guys had fun either way!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the compelement. I just use and some other free editing programs from our printer. I think they are just so cute because of who is in the pictures!!!

Tamster said...

Cute story! So you really never found the spot? Too bad! :-(

Better luck next time! :-)