Monday, September 29, 2008

Helping with homework 101

Today I had the opportunity to think back on all those times I wondered WHY we had to learn this stupid thing or that stupid thing in school. The teacher's answers always seemed to elude the truth and never seemed to suffice. Why didn't they just come right out and say it. Why not come clean and just say "the reason you are here learning this difficult stuff is because you will need to help your kids someday with all the homework they have and they will. need. your. wisdom. "


Why not just tell me that some day I might look at my kid like she was from a different planet when she tried to teach ME what she does know so that I could pretend I already know and try to teach her what I forgot.


Why didn't they just give me a clue that I would spend countless hours wallowing all over the floor in great despair as I tried not to pull out my kid's my hair.

If they would have just told me those things, I would have paid more attention and tried harder to remember the... stuff. Instead I filed it under "useless info the teacher said I will need this someday, but I don't believe him" and now I am paying dearly.

"That is NOT how my teacher taught me to do it!"

"That is fine dear but please remember, they are teaching things wrong different these days. I would know. I learned this one time you know. This is how MY teacher taught me how to do it. "

"Why do we have to learn this stupid stuff anyway?!?!?"

And her teachers wonder why she is so confused.

But... they could have saved themselves a great headache if they would have just told me all this in the first place.

By the typing of keyboards, who remembers how to do integers and linagers (is that a word?) and so forth? Are/were you prepared for this?

P.S. If you need a great funny today, check this out.


Pineapple Princess said...

As we speak, my hubby is helping one of mine with her math homework. He must never die.

Why do they teach it differently? That should be against the law.

Thanks for the referrals. You were laughing with me right?

Huck's mama said...

Boy do I feel your pain- kids homework is one way to make parents feel super dumb. 4th grade stuff takes me right back to the days I didn't get 4th grade stuff. Oh well, we seem to have made it in this world somehow...

Abby said...

I spend about 1 hour every night with Jeremy on his homework. What kindergartener needs to trace his name, shapes, read a story 8 times over and over, go over flash cards of the alphabet, and practice sight words. I hate homework!!

kenandshaney said...

Hey! I am in the same boat with Brad. I just keep telling him to find the cutest, smartest girl in the class and ask her to explain it to him. I keep him supplied with gum as payment for their help. Seems to be working so far.

Tamster said...

I never liked homework then, and I don't like it now. I do have to say, however, that even though Jessica seems to have homework more days out of the week this year, her homework is EASY and much preferred over last year's stuff. She's usually done in 2 minutes, if that, and I hardly even have to help her, if ever. I don't have the same 1-2 hours of fighting her over practicing her letters (although she could still use that practice); this year it's just easy math worksheets. Not so bad.

The trouble is I know that this brief bit of ease won't last and that it will get progressively worse, and before I know it I'll be having to relearn that high school Calculus! I guess I'd better enjoy this stage and appreciate it while it lasts. :-)

You're a great writer, Bonnie! All of you Gooch's seem to be good writers/storytellers. It must be hereditary! :-)

Wenderful in Colorado said...

Thats what I pay my teenager for, to "tutor" the younger kids.

Wheres the "easy" button, I think I just pushed it.