Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From enemies to buddies, just. like. that!

Following in my sister's footsteps and reposting and oldy but goody.  (Original post 9/2008.)  Enjoy!

Why can siblings be so MEAN to each other? I am talking crazy mean! Pulling hair, scratching, biting, smacking, pushing, need I say more? Cause I can. My sisters might try to tell you I should already know cause I was a meanie myself, but I wasn't and so I just don't get it.
Naughty kid #1: Hey, that is mine, I had it first! MOM!
Naughty kid #2: Yeah but you put it down.
Naughty kid #1: So! That doesn't mean I was done! Now GIVE it back!
Yadda, yadda, yadda. I'll spare you the rest of the hub bub cause frankly it is no fun for anyone. Basically it comes to something like this...
...and I am left to figure out who the thing belongs to. Do I give it to the favorite kid (JK, I REALLY don't have a favorite kid, really) or do I take it and keep it for myself (especially if is like an Oreo or something), or do I just ignore it and let them fight it out? Do I really need advice on this? No, because I have learned a trick. I kind of came across it by accident one fight. It went a little something like this:
"...but mom! I had it first!" "No I did!" "No I did!" "Mom tell her to give it back!"
When ignoring it could go on no more and my blood was boiling hot, I might have pealed off the mask of the nice mom and put on the one of the mean mom. With stomping, growling and words that were not so gentle I might have said,
" Here! Give me that darn thing (except I probably didn't say darn) and get up to your beds right now! I have had enough of all this bickering. Go now! "
If you know me when I put my mean mom face on, you might can imagine the the shear terror on their faces as they run for their lives and for their rooms. Then if you were a fly on the wall in their room you might hear something like this.
"Mom is mean huh?" {sniff, sniff}
"Yeah she is really mean."
"I don't like her anymore, do you?"
"No, not really."
"I am bored. Want to play?"
"Yeah, what do you want to play?"
"I don't know, why don't you chose?"

And that is where I say... mission accomplished.
Disclaimer: With your newfound peace, it might be tempting to forget about them in their rooms leave them there forever a long while, but if you do, you will miss out on the beauty of children and their ever forgiving hearts. They don't really hate me. They still need food and and clean clothes and a bed to sleep in...


Abby said...

Now, I take it one step further. When my kids say the hate me I pretend to cry and suddenly I am the best mom in the world and they are hugging me and trying to make me feel better. Yah gotta love it.

cory and sharon said...

Bonnie was never mean. Never, never, never. She never pulled hair, or gouged chunks of skin off of me and left scars. And look, we're best friends.
How did our mother survive???

Pineapple Princess said...

You could also try dad's trick. He'd give us both a belt and told us to go at it. Somehow that wasn't too appealing and we always worked it out. Parents are so smart. Like you sis!

BonBon said...

See I told you they would try to rat me out...

Pip, that gave me the giggles thinking about dad doing that with the belt. I can just hear him. I think my kids would not be afraid to use it on each other.

Tamster said...


I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, Bon! And thank you for your sweet e-mail. I miss you all too; I've just been so busy that I haven't had time to spend blogging really. It's so addicting.

I love this post, not that ANY of it would EVER apply in my PERFECT home or in my past growing up! ;-) Just ask any of my siblings, my mom, my husband, my children... Wait, never mind. Don't ask! ;-)

Tamster said...

By the way, what did I win? I saw your blog says, "And the award goes to... 1. Tamster." I just wondered what award I won. :-)

Tamster said...

Hey, Birthday Girl! How come your newest post has no comment link to click on to leave a comment there? Well, fine! I guess I'll just have to leave it here!

I'm glad your parents decided to have you, too! :-) It is wonderful to know the plan, isn't it?! :-)

Wenderful in Colorado said...

How many times did we say, "I don't like mom and dad anymore" after a swift punishment only to do the same thing? It's a good thing anger is short with most kids.

Anonymous said...

Very funny, jean jean jean

I loved every word of it!


HuckFinnsMom said...

I don't have shoes on, but I am leaving a comment anyway...
Thanks for re-posting. I don't think I even saw this one the first time. I am gonna remember it though!
I still have memories of the sound of my hair coming out by the roots, and the sound of two very stubborn girls shouting, "YOU LET GO FIRST! NO, YOU LET GO FIRST! NO, YOU LET GO, I PROMISE I WILL LET GO IF YOU LET GO FIRST! NO, YOU HAVE TO LET GO FIRST!" As this goes on, the agonizing sound of roots being torn out of their firmly embedded spot in the scalp, (where they are meant to stay)torturously continues...
Thank goodness we all still love each other! And most of my hair did grow back, though it does come out a lot more easily now, as Joe can attest. He found a nice long one in his salad last night...