Thursday, October 30, 2008

High School Musical goes to jail

With the new episode coming out, the old songs once again can be heard being bellered throughout the house from any one of my 4 girls. Some of the old rumors that were flying around about the stars have started circulating among the youngest of my girls once again. I have heard them on and off, here and there. 'Did you know that Gabriella sent nekkid pictures of herself to Troy and she had to go to jail!' With a little chiding from me, that kind of talk was usually quieted with "I don't think she would go to jail for something like that, but it is definitely not something she should have done!"

Not thinking of it again, I would go on with what I was doing. Who would have thunk that queries such as this could come from my 5-year-old: "Mom, if I just pretend to send a nekkid picture of me to Troy, would I have to go to jail?...

I am not sure what kind of reaction other moms would have with a question like that from their sweet little innocent, never-thought-of-such-a-thing-before, cute, kissable, little baby girl, but every mommy instinct I ever had stood on high alert! My blood began to boil and I did what any other mommy should do...

"Yes dear if you even pretend to send a nekkid picture to Troy, not only might you go to jail where there are all kinds of monsters and bears, where the fire alarms go off everyday and all you get to eat is spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but your sisters would get to have all your toys and your brother will get to finish off all the food on your plate everyday."

I can now file this under, I-know-you-may-need-counseling-someday-for-this-
and-when-you-are-all-done-with-it-make-sure-you- look-up-Gabriella-and-see-how-her-counseling-is-going.

My question for you is this, and believe me I am among the most conservative of mothers when it comes to the content allowed into my home, where is the line? Without taking everything that is socially acceptable away, how much is too much. When Joe down the road and Jane up the street are going to see "it", and are wearing "it", and these "examples" are becoming idols talked about among the youngest of them all, I want to know, how do you live in this world but not of it? I know I have blogged about this kind of thing before and I might have joked a bit in this post about it, but when my 5-year-old asked me that question, it. scared. me. to. DEATH!


Abby said...

That is a hard question. I know that we can't shelter our kids forever, but I plan to for as long as I can. We don't have the internet in our house and they are still too young to hear rumors from school kids. I think we do the best we can and hopefully the Lord will help us and grant us the righteous desires of our hearts.

Pineapple Princess said...

That is a hard one and probably doesn't have the perfect answer. We just have to do our best to reduce the amount of trash they encounter...and never let them have access to a camera. Or a cell phone with a camera. The end.

Tamster said...

Funny and scary at the same time. I think you have to really hope and pray that somehow they get it, ya know!?

Good luck! :-)

Wenderful in Colorado said...

I hear closets are pretty comfortable. You could keep her there. Thats where I keep my daughter...see my new post will know why.