Thursday, October 23, 2008

Out of the mouth and into the archives #2

Megan: Jordan I know a good reason you and _____ would be prefect for each other.

Jordan: What would that be?

Megan: Cause he doesn't have a perfect face either.

If this wasn't so innocent she might have had to apologize. Not sure where the filter is between her brain and her mouth sometimes but we are all just glad Jordan has a sense of humor.

Now what is not perfect about this face?


Wenderful in Colorado said...

Does Megans foot fit in her mouth?

It's a good thing Jordan is so nice and didn't put Megans foot into Megans mouth for her.

BonBon said...

Or her own foot for that matter!

Jonny and Alexis said...

Oh my! So funny!

Kelly said...

I would just like to say your daughter is hilarious!! I think she takes after her quick witted mother, lol. I sure hope she gets a filter for christmas before it's too late and something is said to someone she would regret!! Also Bon, wow your Jordan is soooo beautiful!!! I just can't believe you have a teenager and she is so grown up, all I ever remember of her was a cute chubby little fat faced baby, (shh don't tell her I said she was a chubby little fat faced baby, just tell her I said she was "CUTE"!!) lol

Tamster said...

LOL! It is good Jordan is understanding.

That picture of the two of them is so cute! They both look beautiful! :-)