Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom! Part One

Well today is a day that I have been waiting for. I have had something that I have wanted to clear up for awhile now and I think now is as good as ever. My mother has MANY talents. You name it she has tried it. This myriad of talents did not transfer to me one iota. One of her many talents was making porcelain dolls. She was really good at this and helped share this talent with others. As I look back on this part of her life, I have fond memories. This may be because I got to be her helper. She was very busy with this business and I was with her on many of her excursions whether it was teaching a class or shopping for supplies. I often heard others talk about this talent of hers with fondness and I was proud. I always remember how much it meant to her when she heard her own son compliment her and talk highly of her talent. So when I was put on the spot one day in young womens and asked what I would remember most about my mom, it is no wonder that the one thing that came to mind was that I would always remember her talents as a doll maker. I remember hoping that she would feel that same pride from me as I know she felt from her son. I later learned that this was a turning point for her as she was disappointed in my response. She wrapped up her business and she was done, just like that. I know that she has felt bad about this for a long time and I was hoping to use this time to tell her how badly I felt that she did not understand my true intentions. What I thought would be a noble compliment had hurt her feelings. I would like to take a few minutes to tell her now the things that I will always remember about her.

*** I will always remember her love for her Heavenly Father. She has ALWAYS had an unwavering testimony of her Savior and did strive daily to pass that on to us.
*** I will always remember her desire to treat our bodies like the temple that they are. She worked hard to teach healthy eating habits. I know just how hard she worked because I am now a mother and it is very hard and expensive to have healthy things available for my kids to eat.
*** I will always remember the many things that she sacrificed and is still sacrificing for her children.
*** I will always remember the times she said no and how much I despised that answer, but I am glad today that she said it when she did.
*** I will always remember the service that she gave to others. She was always valiant in her duties to God and her country.
*** I will always remember how she taught me to pray. I will never forget the time that she set this very important example to me. One day while we were coming home from SLC, we were coming around the point of the mountain and it was a blizzard. In front of us there was a multiple car pile up happening right before our eyes. As we came up on it we realized that we were going to be a part of it. As many well known swear words came to my mind, I heard from the other side of the car this most heartfelt prayer from my mother. She was praying for help. I was swearing. I will NEVER forget that moment, EVER. We escaped with our lives and our spirits thanks to my wonderful mother who used her faith to call for help. I am grateful that my mother had enough faith for both of us as I am sure God would have taken me home at that moment just to give me the spanking I deserved.
*** I will always remember that I was important to her. If I had a need, or a desire (like for a little bunny rabbit) she was quick to fill that need, sometimes in abundance (like the 4 pregnant rabbits that would bring me MANY little bunny rabbits).
*** I will always remember that it took growing up and moving out with a family of my own to finally see these many things (and many more that I have not covered) that I will always remember.

Thanks Mother Dear and happy birthday!
To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bon - all I can do is weep. Please forgive me. My memory of turning my life around was when Amberlee's memory at a young women's activity was of me as a doll maker and so many other daughters had more fond memories of their mothers that I wished my daughter could have I realized how much the doll business consumed me and I did not really want to be remembered as a "doll maker", but as a MOTHER. I love you so much. I know that your children will honor you as their mother. WoW

Pineapple Princess said...

Wow, Wow, I didn't know all that. I mean, I knew most of that just not all the doll stuff and the point of the mountain story. I learned new things about my mommy today. Lucky me.

We do have an amazing Mom. I would like to add that I secretly loved that she was always home when we arrived from school. The smell of baking bread and her smile made it a real treat. I need to remember to do the same for my kids. It would be a wonderful legacy.

Happy Birthday mom. At 50, you have never looked better!

BonBon said...

That memory was actually of me. I remember it well. That is why I wanted to clear that up.

kenandshaney said...

Bonnie that was so touching! You are an amazing person and have been blessed to have a mother that taught you well and set such a wonderful example for you! I can see many of the same qualities in you as you pointed them out in your mother!

Tamster said...

50? I thought she was just 39!

Bon, that was beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with all of us!

WoW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Once again, Jeremy and I were first with the phone call this morning!!! Hehehhehe!) I want to thank you for giving me your son--for teaching him and loving him, raising him to be a good father for my children, and preparing him for the real world. He can do so many things, and I know it is because of the wonderful things you and Dad taught him and the opportunities you gave to him. Thank you for loving me and welcoming me into the family with open arms. Thank you for being a good grandmother to my children. I love you! :-)

Wendy in Alaska said...

Happy 50th Mom!

Bonnie, you always do a wonderful job with your tributes...I wish to add my dittos to it and let WoW know how much I adore her!

I hope your birthday is wonderful and that you get something better than a piano or whatever it is.

Huck Finn & Co. said...

Happy birthday Mom! I too remember the smell of dinner cooking, or bread baking when I walked in the door from school. I loved that smell, it is interesting that Shauna has the same memory as well! How blessed we are to have you as a mother. I remember going through some rough teenage years where I thought I didn't like you so much. I remember telling myself I would never do things the way you did. You were so weird! I would certainly make sure to immunize my kids, I would NEVER give birth at home, and would die before I would humiliate my kids by homeschooling them. It took me till about the second trimester of my fist pregnancy to realize how much your mothering meant to me. I specifically remember calling you and needing you, wishing you were right by my side instead of all the way across the country. Suddenly, having children of my own opened up my eyes to how much my mother had done for me, and how much I still needed her. Thanks mom for getting me through. We are all so very blessed to have you.

Jenibelle said...

I don't know any of you but after reading that tribute, I wish I did. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful mom. I'll be 50 soon, wonder what my daughter will remember of me? Will she appreciate that I too, said "no"? I hope so. Happy Birthday from a blogger stranger.