Saturday, March 1, 2008

One of many blessings.

(To the tune of "My teacher told me I should never tell a lie.")

My fa-ther told me I should never walk the roof.
For the roof could break apart if I should do.
Do you know the consequence,
do you really want to chance,
causing much grief to that poor old maaaaaaan?

When we threw our toys up there and they got stuck,
we had to leave them there until our better luck.
With one bounce of a large ball,
you could crack the tile so small,
and then you better run and find a place to hiiide!

Briiiiing out the buckets for the rain is coming fast.
That caulk and tin up there just do not seem to last.

It's time to climb up on the roof,
but watch out for lightning too,
our famly simply cannot stay dry without youuuuu!!

He had so many sleepless nights,
spent thinking bout his plight.
Oh you should never, ever walk that rooooooof!

Have a fun picture walk through this great act of charity made possible by one great man in our town.

It took us (Suser and I) awhile to feel comfortable (safe) walking on holy ground.

See how easy they broke apart? It was actually quite fun to do this part. But DEFINITELY against all we were taught. It took us awhile to get the courage to do this too. We wondered if we needed to call dad and get his approval AGAIN.

The Charity Giver is pictured above. Isn't he glowing a bit? If you look close you might actually see a halo there.

One of the few pictures you will see of me working hard. I was the main picture taker (and as those of you who are the picture taker at your house can relate) I didn't get much documentation.

Yes, he is doing the garage also. Now you may be able to go back to his picture and see his wings too.

Susie could get closer to the edge than I could. She was brave.

That dump truck was full when we were all done. And no worries. There are no more spare tiles behind the garage anymore. Sorry dad. I hope you will not miss them too much. Can't imagine what you will need them for now other than the comfort they always seemed to bring that they were there for you.

I wondered how they were going to get the tiles up there. I am a little naive but I was glad to see that thing pictured above. When I tried to lift a pack of tiles later that day, I was grateful I did not have to carry them up the latter like they had to on the garage.

10 points for every tile you can find anywhere in this post that has caulking on it. Zooming in is allowed but you must be able to prove your finds. You may break the bank with this one.

It was quite a surprise to see the wood underneath in such good condition considering there was not anything in between the tiles and the boards. It must have been dad's diligence at keeping those things caulked and tinned.

As I noted earlier, they (Charity Giver and delivery guys) had to carry those tiles up there by brute strength. They have to weigh close to 100 pounds each.

Can't quite tell if he is in the truck here or on the edge of the roof. What do you think?

You all might want to give dad a call and make sure he is alright. These pictures of destruction of his roof may cause him some indigestion tonight.

The rest will be revealed when it is done. Or will it? The Charity Giver suggested the end result be a surprise for when mom and pop get home... You will just have to come and visit if you want to see the rest!


Paul said...

...uhhhh, ththththose t.t.t.tiles are made of.f.f.f ASSbestos. Thats scccccccarey! Don't tell the EEEEEPPPPPAAAA.

Paul said...

They had to pull up a few asbestos floor tiles at my Optometry school. They put a HAZMAT tent over the whole school.

Pineapple Princess said...

alora speaking.what color are the tiles going to be? u'd better tell me. how exciting. whats up with the No shoes, no shirt, no comment?OHH, I get it.its a joke.okay, I GUESS I have to go. tell your family I said hi.also MEADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ITS REALLY PIP IN DISGUISE)

Pineapple Princess said...

Talk to WOW on the telephone and look what your kids think they can do--comment in disguise!

What an amazing blessing and gift. It is so nice to know there are still people like that in the world. Tell him thanks from all of us who threw our toys up there and worried while our dad went up to get them and felt his stress as he patched and heard about all the leaks and knew that silicone could fix almost anything, but not forever and understood dad's fears about asbestos and didn't dare pray for a miracle and got one anyway. God bless him!

Pineapple Princess said...

You are going to sneak me a preview of the new roof, right?! Cause I am your favorite sister, right?!

JerBear & Co. said...

Oh no, you are getting rid of the Mona landmark, The Gooch's white roof that could be seen from miles around.:-(

JerBear & Co. said...

Now I won't be able to find my way home.

Tamster said...

Wow! See, the blessings of missionary service reach far more aspects of life than one would imagine!!! What a blessing! That is amazing that someone would do all that for free! And thanks to the "helpers" from the family too! Please give that angel a GOOCHANTIC THANK YOU from us all!!! What a wonderful thing to have happen! :-)

Tamster said...

Oh, please show us pics of the final product! You don't have to blog it if you don't want Mom and Dad to see it; you can just e-mail it to us! Who knows when we'll make it there next? And it's not because we don't want to come! PLEASE! :-)

sharebear said...

Cute song. I wish I could remember the whole tune. What a cute, creative blog. If I were there, I would be up there helping, too. You guys are very brave. What a blessing. Just another tender mercy. You make sure Pat knows how much the whole family appreciates this.

BonBon said...

Paul SHHHH. You were not supposed to divulge that bit of information.

That tile looks a little bit like something we used to find behind the garage and play with. It made the perfect chalk. I wonder what the symptoms of asbestos poisoning are. I don't feel so well.

BonBon said...

Alora, welcome. Of all the blogs you chose to masquerade in, I am glad you picked mine. I must be your favorite aunt. Please come back! I wish more of my nieces and nephews would come and visit their aging and lonely aunt.

Paul said...

Maybe a little late, but here's a link:

Paul said...

One more link:

Paul said...

Its not "poisoning" you need to worry about. Not trying to be a wet blanket, just saying be careful--its nasty stuff. I played with it too as a kid. If I die of lung cancer, no one can say it was from smoking--had to be that stuff.

sharebear said...

If we are living the word of wisdom, the destroying angles will pass by, right? We'll just have to all pray really hard that our innocence in playing with those tiles will not lead to us all dying of lung cancer.

BonBon said...

That does sound really scary. Too late now. It is all done and carried away. Pat wasn't too worried and hopefully we will be spared any harmful effects.

mamabearharder said...

I third the showing us the final product!!! WOW, this is such an amazing and kind thing that Pat is doing for our wonderful parents! I have always wished that our parents would get something back for all of the kind things they have done for others. They truly deserve this and it is so wonderful that Pat recognized this!

What a Hero! That is how I see his kind of service to the citizens of Mona. For a man to take the time to see another in need and act upon it in such a way as this, he is in my book of Hero's! How selfless an act to spend his own money and poor his own sweat into such a big job, just to know that it made another (or quite a few in this case) so overjoyed and thankful! The Gooch family will NEVER forget his kindness!

Yall, be careful up there with that nasty stuff. I wish I could be there to help out :)

Yay mom and dad!! I am so happy for you :)

Paul said...

It took me a while to realize who "Pat" is that did this kindness. Will you please tell him Hello for me and let him know how much we appreciate him. Tell him he looks a little older than the minds-eye picture I still carried around.

Cindy said...

It took me a moment to realize that was your parents home! WOW! You all did a great job! Stripping and re-roofing is hard work! Well done GANG!

It brought back memories of Ken and Shaney's roof. I know some of you were around for that. :)

Congrats to your parents on a new roof. And what a blessing to have such great friends and neighbors that would do something so kind!