Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Birthday by Jordan

My B-day has been really fun! This morning my parents woke me up and showed me the slide show that they had made! Then I opened some gifts from my parents! My little sister Alexis even bought me a pencil from her school store!! The one thing that I got from the list of things I want so bad was a camera! My family is awesome and has made this day really special!

Yesterday I had a big party! Here is a picture of me and my friends eating pizza!

We played alot of games!! One of the games we played was called "What If, and Then" How you play is everyone writes a What if question. Then you pass it to your right and they write Then...
Then one person starts and they read their Question then the next person says their answer and so on. It is a funny game!

This picture is from this morning. My mom bought me a new Sunday dress. Also some High heels (I surprised me and my family by wearing them!)


Pineapple Princess said...

You did a great job sharing your bday with us even though we couldn't be there. Love the dress AND the heels. Thanks for the great post.

kenandshaney said...

I showed Brad your blog and pictures and he said "whoa shes cute." Don't tell him I told you

sharebear said...

I'm glad you had fun on your birthday. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going to have to have you and your mom come throw bday parties for my kids 'cause I don't know how to throw fun parties.

sharebear said...

Ooo, Jordan, you have an admirer, and a cute one, too.

sharebear said...

I love dress, by the way, and the heels.

Paul said...

From Uncle P & C: You were just a baby, like yesterday? Now you are a tall gorgeous model.

From Kailee: happy bday gurl

Wendy in Alaska said...


Your heels make you look shorter, not taller.

Happy birthday kiddo...wait, you are not a kiddo anymore.

You are beautiful.

We better see lots of photos on your moms blog...try and get her password so you can do some candid shots of her. We can't wait!