Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is Springing

We couldn't help ourselves. We enjoyed our first nice day to its fullest Saturday. The kids listened when I said, "oh go fly a kite!"

But did not listened when I said, "stay away from the power lines!"

The husband quickly obeyed when I said, "burn it all!"

The plants and flowers obeyed when I said, "show yourselves!"

The hot dogs cooked and sizzled and smelled so yummy when I said, "feed us!"

Lucy did NOT listen when I said, "NO, NO!"

The roof did not listen when I said "hide yourself!"
Thus you get to see my other half while I tell the clothes to "hang themselves." They did not listen.

No there is no crack there!


Abby said...

Finally, it is warm enough to fly kites and roast hot dogs. Now we have to mow our lawns and weed the flower beds.

Cindy said...

Look how busy you all are!

Wendear in Alaska said...

And Bonbon obeyed when we said, "Keep entertaining us! Make us happy and make us laugh!"

Thanks for the medicine today! I only laughed with you.

Pineapple Princess said...

The not-listening dog and laundry does NOT make up for the listening husband and children. Naughty Lucy. But dang, puppies are so cute. Who is the dad and does he know?

Beautiful collages. Picasa?

Happy spring!

Tamster said...

That looks so fun; you've just motivated me to want to get outside. Today's a beautiful day here--though windy, but that's nothing unusual here. If Jessica was on green today at school, I think we'll go to the park or go for a walk after I pick her up! We need to get out and enjoy SPRING!!! Thanks, Bon! :-)

sharebear said...

I'm glad you're finally getting some warm weather.
We tried to fly a kite Fri., but we just couldn't get it flying.
That looks like fun.
I think I'm going to have to build a fire pit so we can roast hot dogs.

Tamster said...

Not to rub it in or anything (seeing as we have to deal with the wind all of the time, we ought to at least get something good out of it), but a couple of weeks ago Jeremy got a kite flying in the street in front of our house. He had me come and hold the kite for him, and all I had to do was let go (without him moving, mind you) and it just took off. Perfect kite-flying wind that day. (We had tried another day when it wouldn't work, so it's not like this everyday, just so you know.) I've just never seen anyone fly a kite in front of their house like that or seen it just take off so easily either! It was pretty cool. I guess next time I'll have to take some pics. :-)

mamabearharder said...

I LOVE SPRING!!! It must have felt so good to get out with the family huh!

Naughty Luch! I have to agree with pip though, puppies are SOOOO cute! Did your kiddos get to see her have them or did she hide somewhere? I remember those days as a kid when our dogs would have puppies. I loved being there and getting to see the puppies right when they came out....I know some may think this is kinda gross :)

Glad to hear that at least your kiddos and hubby listened to you! Now if only your laundry would listen a little better!!

Roxie said...

Oh my goodness, those puppies are so cute. I so want to have dog now. I loved today we got to just hang out like it was summer. We had shorts on and everything. LOVE YOU ROXIE

Huck Finn & Co. said...

That really does make me miss "home"! Oh, the memories- hanging clothes, cooking out, mona mixed-breed puppies, ( they look just like I remember them, even with the same looking mommy), working in the pasture, burning, playing in the pioneer park... Thanks Bonbon for bringing it all back- love you!

kenandshaney said...

You make me so homesick for Mona! I never thought I would get there. We had the warm weather but the wind was so bad we didn't dare venture out. I loved the pictures and go green everything was. I am jealous of all but the puppies:) I have two and would gladly trade them for chocolate. Any takers???