Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alexis' Christmas List (first draft)

(To be read with a tranquil tone like those used in general conference)

With the Christmas season upon us, we all hope that we have instilled in our children the lessons of charity and giving to others. We desire that they will be more thoughtful of others and not selfish.

So it is with me.

Enter darling Alexis...

(Normal tone)

She presented me with a list for Santa that she wanted to clear with me before sending. After reading the list we decided that it would make a great first draft. I have taken the liberty of translating it for you below with all of the original spelling and grammar.

(Stuck up tone)
Dear Santa,
(I want a) petshop, 20 barbies, 30 barbie clothes, all the barbie tv shose, and A DVD player of my own, and lipsticks that are sparcaley blue, a sparcaley purple, a sparcaley pink, a sparcaley red, a sparcaley green and could you make them all dark? thanx, good by.

After we discussed that Santa had to get permission from mom before he can bring DARK makeup, then she decided not to even ask.

(Where did I go wrong? tone, i.e. a tone of despair)

But no, that is not the saddest part about this letter. Only bratty kids on TV ask for so much from Santa. Only the spoiledest of rottenest kids would think of asking for all of this. Laura Ingalls would never ask for so much. She wouldn't even ask her father for a penny, ONE stinking penny to get a pencil for her slate that she needed for school!

(Relief tone)

Oh yes this is just a FIRST draft. Santa can not see this first one. I have to help her see the light is all. Yest that is it. She just needs to see the light. Maybe if I give her the Island Princess movie tomorrow she will feel all better and wont ask for so much.


sharbear said...

Te he. This is great. Come on. What's wrong with dark lipsticks or pink stripes? Where's your sense of adventure?

JerBear & Co. said...

Gosh, BonBon! I can't believe you've raised such spoiled, snotty kids! ;-) Just kidding, of course. I really think it's the society we live in today. Laura Ingalls didn't have tv to watch all the ads and junk either. We live in a whole different world, with way too much commercialization. Don't feel too bad; just teach her! :-) Tami

BonBon said...

That might make me feel a little better if we WATCHED tv with commercials.

Oh no my kids only watch Little House on The Prairie so they can be like Laura.

They must get it from their corrupted friends who watch tv with commercials. Maybe? :) JK I really don't think that about other kids. And yes, my kids do have their share of exposure to the media.

Pineapple Princess said...

Nothing wrong with being specific. For the record, I want 20 digital cameras and 30 SD memory cards and a penny if that is not asking too much. Good by Santa.

That was precious! (Your post, not my comment!)

#10 said...

Oh how true the statement..."kids say the darndest things."