Friday, December 7, 2007

Speaking asignment

Rob and Jordan's world was rocked yesterday when they got the dreaded call.

It went something like this: "This is Brother Smith, I was wondering...".

They were asked to speak in our church on how our family has been blessed by the Lord, and here is me...

"ME! PICK ME! That is my song and I know how to sing it!!"

No, I am not crazy. I don't really want to speak in front of everyone, but if there is anyone on this planet who can talk about our families blessings, that would be ME! I even had Rob's whole talk written for him in my mind this morning. I pictured myself up there at the pulpit laughing and crying through the whole thing!

But alas! It was not I that was asked to tell about how our family was put into the fiery furnace of affliction to be tried and tested as Job was, (not quite as bad as Job but it felt like it sometimes). It was not I that was asked to tell about how our family took a challenge and doubled our fast offerings once so we could be more blessed, only to be blessed in ways that most would not understand. (Great and true story. Worthy of sharing sometime! Like in sacrament meeting...)

I am really NOT trying to be sarcastic. There is a sweet lesson to be learned from our families trials in this life and I would love to tell it. I have determined to sit down one day and write it all down, but not for Rob to use for his talk. I would NEVER rob (no pun intended) him of this opportunity to share the sweet lessons he has learned from our family's mishaps, I mean blessings. Besides, had we not gone through all we did, I can testify that Rob would not be ok with the idea of giving a talk in sacrament meeting.

Look forward to a summary of Rob and Jordan's talk. I think I am more frightened for Rob getting up there than I would be myself, and despite my supposed enthusiasm above, that would be pretty darn scared!


JerBear & Co. said...

I don't think I'd ever be raising my hand for that, regardless of the topic, so you are braver than I. We are very blessed, though, aren't we?! And it's not always (in fact, not usually) the way we would imagine. I hope they do well, as I'm sure they will. :-) Tami

sharbear said...

Go Ronnie (I mean Rob). You can do it. I wish I could be there to hear those talks. I'm sure they will both be great.