Thursday, December 6, 2007

"I thought it was cute!"

Jordan and I were making dinner, sharing mommy daughter time together when she decided to tell me about a girl at school. This girl had apparently put a stripe of PINK highlight in her hair...

Jordan: Yeah the principal told her she couldn't come back until she took it out.

Me: Did he send her home?

Jordan: Well, he just told her she couldn't come back until she fixed it.

Me: That's great! I'm glad he isn't letting her get away with that.

Up until this point I thought we were on the same page, but she was not letting on that she is actually on this girls side. She was talking casually like she was seeing whose side I was on, then she hit me with...

Jordan: WHY is THAT great?!?!? I thought it was cute!

At this point my world started to spin and my thoughts were turned to a Jordan with black lipstick and fingernails. Then the picture added a nose ring before I could delete it!

{insert picture of Gothicy looking Jordan. I went to search for an Internet picture and was disturbed by what I saw. I never (or couldn't) pictured her quite like that}

My mind was scrambling to put a lecture together but because of the shock of this new Jordan, I couldn't seem to express my disbelief in a motherly way.

Me (stuttering, with each sentence getting louder and louder): What do you mean it was cute? Pink highlights were not okay when I was going to school. It wasn't even cute! Pink highlights are not okay when you are going to school and it's still NOT cute!!!

Jordan (rolling her yes, shaking her head and barely audible): Well I think it was cute.

Me: What did you say? Speak up when you are talking to me!!

Nobody: Silence...

I wonder if this will be similar to what I will send as OUR picture someday. After all green is CUTE isn't it?


Pineapple Princess said...

First, thanks for getting rid of the eyeball cow picture from daily assaulting my own eyeballs.

Second, I have some blond stripes, they covered up my gray stripes. Tell Jordan, as soon as she gets gray stripes, she can color them what ever color she wants! Problem solved?

BonBon said...

Yeahhhhh I get ya. By that time in life she will have daughters of her own and will be doing a blog of her own about how her life is so unfair because her grown up daughter just doesn't understand her!

I think at this point she knows not to even ask!!

Problem solved! Thanks!

#10 said...

Gosh, the memories of middle school! I remember this fad going around with my classmates. I wanted to try it out so baddly because all of the other kids were so "cool." Funny thing girl actually had a reaction and ALL of her hair fell out! Ok, that didn't really happen but maybe telling Jordan that it might make her hair fall out, she'll think twice?

sharbear said...

#10 welcome aboard. And you said you didn't have a sense of humor.

i love it.