Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Showers

Meet the offender!

Meet the peacemaker.

Now meet the recipient.

Offender is accused of taking too long in the shower, thus depleting the hot water supply.

Peacemaker took a record breaking shower, in cold water, in the name of saving the recipient what little hot water had regenerated by the time she was ready.

Recipient was not really the recipient and also took record breaking shower because there was one more unsuspecting subject needing a shower!

Mom was glad she took her shower last night!


Tamster said...

That was clever! Very funny! What about Boo and Lexi? Good for Brandon for being such a peacemaker and sacrificing so much--Jordan too, apparently! :-)

shellbell said...

Wow, I'm just wondering if that would happen at my house. I usually use the cold water thing to GET my kids in the shower by telling them that if they hurry and get in, they wont be the one with cold water. They usually start scrambling then-

sharebear said...

Hilarious. I love it. So far, we haven't had that problem, but I imagine someday when they boys are older they will be fighting for the hot water.

Tamster said...

Meerrryyy Chriiissstttmmaaaaassss to the Smith family!!!! Love, the Texas Gooches! :-)

Tamster said...

BonBon!!! You are neglecting Blogland!!! You must come back at once! The Blogger Express can't wait!!! Hurry!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!! :-)