Friday, December 14, 2007

Bappy dirth hay yo tou!

Moday is ty bad's dirthday! E is hixty seight. Het's lear it mor the fan!

When I was little I thought my dad had be the slowest person I knew. When he had had enough of my shinanagins (and that took quite a lot because he was also the most patient person I knew), he would start to undo his belt. I knew then that I better start running. And running I did. Somehow I was always able to run faster than that grown man. So fast in fact, I was always so far ahead of him that I never even saw him again for a good couple of hours. I always found great hiding places to hide too and he NEVER found me. I was always so proud of my get-away that I just knew when I had kids they would never outsmart me like that, because I knew all the tricks. Turns out time makes you slow down a bit and just when you thought you were pretty smart, you learn how to be grown-up smart. While I don't wear belts, I do have a wooden spoon or as some would recall, a hearing aid...

Thanks dad for "letting me get away (out of your hair)" from you, for having "mercy" on me all those times that I deserved a swift kick in the butt, and for teaching me to do the same favor for myself, I mean for my kids!

My dad had to be one of the most compassionate men I knew! I remember many nights when we had a stranger sleeping out on our lawn, or the many times that my dad invited the missionaries over for dinner at the last minute, (yeah we can all have fun with that one.), or all the hours he spent cleaning up after all the ward parties, town weddings, town meetings, and what not. If you have ever driven through Mona, or Alaska, then you probably have been saved from a flat tire as my father has cleaned the roads up of any, and all sharp objects that might puncture your tire. There are so many other things but I'm sure others would want to share those.

I am grateful for all the things my father taught me to enjoy. I have such a love for nature and simple things like the smell of fall in the air and the sound of geese as they are passing through. I was walking with him last fall before he left and he showed me a weed that was growing that smelled like fall. It smelled so good and I had to go and find some this fall. Who would have ever thought that they would miss the smell of sage brush so much that they would want you to send them some in the mail because it doesn't grow where you live (Shellbell?).

One of the other things he taught me, was a love for God and America. He taught me to be educated and learn all I could so that I could make right choices in leaders who would preserve our freedoms and liberty.

Thanks dad! I know there is so much more and I didn't even do you justice! But I know that the rest of the family will have more things to share and I will leave it to them.

I love you so much and I am so grateful to you for serving a mission. Our families are so blessed for that! Your sacrifice is so near and dear to my heart! There are untold sacrifices I am unaware of, I know, and for that, I am forever grateful!

Love, BonBon.

P.S. That nose looks strangely familiar...


mamabearharder said...

Pay happy, bappy hirthday to the dest bad en oarth! I am so greatful for a father that taught me to stand up for the truth. I remember running away one time when I was afraid of getting belted and you looked for me until you found me....because you loved me even though I was a rotten little child. My children are so blessed to have such a wonderful, honest, kind, gentle, faithful, honorable, loving grandfather, the best in the whole world! There are many more qualities you posses but it would take me forever to write them down. Thank you for loving me even when I didn't deserve it! I love you papa Gooch!!!!!!!

mamabearharder said...

I remember the marshmellow eating contest dad participated at one of his work parties (or was it family realated, maybe a missionary reunion?) I can't remember for sure the funtion but I do remember dad participating! He is such a good sport :) Where did that wig pic come from? I don't remember ever seeing that one. Did that come out of the basement?

sharbear said...

Amberlee, didn't you mean Gapa Pooch.
Okay, I was going to wait to respond until I had a good nap, but I can't resist. For now I will just say, I lure yove sou Dad. You are the best. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

too bad dad is in Juneou today! I hope he gets to read....Wendy in AK

BonBon said...

:(. Is there a phone number to call him?

Pineapple Princess said...

Bonbon, you did a great tribute to DAD. I was thinking of doing one myself, but you really said it all!

I was so blessed to be in a family that loved me. I remember Dad telling us that he "wouldn't trade us for anything in the WHOLE world." Considering all the wonderful and amazing things in the WORLD, it was almost hard to believe. . .but I did believe it.

On the belt topic (isn't this a great bday theme?) I think Dad didn't really like to use it.

1) somehow we could "outrun" a grown man.

2) he could never "find" us.

3) he would give us the belts to have at it. We never did. Brilliant!

It was a great scare tactic though!

And somehow it is possible that even as amazing a father that he was, he is even more an amazing grandfather. He would rather be out watching 50,000 kids so that we could be in socializing and enjoying adult conversation. Hopefully through the blogs, he won't miss out any more.

Pappy Hirthbay!

shellbell said...

All I can say is that my poor husband didnt have a chance. How can you compete with my dad. I cant tell you how many times I have said "Well, my dad did it this way..." Poor Joe. Hopefully he understands by this point that it was a hopeless cause from the start to even try to come close. I have had to learn not to expect that, as well, and to see all the other great things he does have. Anyway, I am sure dad has made it hard for all the hubby's in the family! I love you so much, daddy. I will always have the "my daddy is perfect" syndrome. I feel like the most blessed child in the world. I hope my children will think half as well of me when they are raised as I do of you. By the way, I like the photos Bonnie found of you better than the one I found. You probably like her more than me now.

shellbell said...

P.S. Happy Birthday!!!! My kids want to say Happy Birthday, too! They love and miss you. You could say the have the "my granddaddy is perfect" syndrome.

JerBear & Co. said...

I tas ohe wirst cne oo tall Dad for his birthday. I call him @ 5:00 am their time just as they were getting ready to go to Juneuo. hee hee. BonBon try calling his cell phone. They won't be back from Juneuo till Sunday.


JerBear & Co. said...

One cool thing about them going to Juneau today is that Dad got to fly on his birthday, which he loves to do. He commented about being happy he gets to fly when I talked to him this morning.
To Dad: I yope hou gad fla ood hight and a bun dirthfay! :-) Tove, Lami