Saturday, December 8, 2007

Are you awake?

On Sharbear's post about terrible two's, the comments turned to husbands who sleep too sound to be of any great help to us wives at night. So on that note, get this!

Rob knew that Brother Smith was trying to get a hold of him to speak in our sacrament meeting. So when he called at 9:30 the other night while Rob was sleeping, I handed the phone to Rob and told him it was Brother Smith and he should probably answer it. So Rob rolls over, sits up and clears the sleepy voice out of his throat before he answers.

I hear this. "Oh no, that's fine. No, we were just getting ready for bed (at this point he had already been asleep since 8:00). Ok. Yeah I heard you were trying to call. Um...yeah. How long? Ok. Yeah I can do that. Goodbye."

Me: How long do you have to talk?

Rob: 15 minutes.

Me: What are you speaking about?

Rob: Same as Jordan.

Me: What kind of blessings do you think we have gotten (convinced for a moment myself that he was really just getting ready for bed)?

Rob (agitated with me): I'll think about it tomorrow."

The next day while I am talking to him on his way home from work he tells me that he guesses he got out of talking because Brother Smith never ended up calling him...


sharbear said...

I imagine that a common excuse Bro. Smith hears all the time. "Uh, gee, I must have been asleep when you called. I don't remember a thing."

JerBear & Co. said...

So were you able to convince Rob that he had indeed called? Or I guess you could call Bro. Smith and tell him to call Rob again. :-) Tami

BonBon said...

I think it all started coming back to him because somehow he pulled from his memory that he would speak last and that the bishops wife was also speaking. We'll see tomorrow if he was right. He really didn't remember the call though. It was funny!

Pineapple Princess said...

How about being asked to give the closing prayer and even have your name on the program, but a Brother Dun was announced from the pulpit to give it instead? I sat with my mouth and eyes open in disbelief. Maybe that will happen to Rob or Jordan. If not, we want details (or even your final draft will do.)

BonBon said...

How about Brother Dun's mouth and eyes?

Roxanne said...

That has got to be the funniest thing yet...I guess it's right up there with looking for my car the other day... HE HE LOVE YOU