Monday, January 18, 2010

How strange!

We are celebrating King day the very best way we know how; cleaning the house from top to bottom. This doesn't happen very often because I am usually working when the kids are home. Today I wasn't. And they were home. And my house is clean. Thank you Martin. Thank you kids.

While Brooklyn was "going the extra mile" and cleaning out a drawer, I heard her exclaim, "Mom! I found something very strange."

Hmmm. What could that be? I kind of remembered seeing them when I was a kid.

When I told her it was an old cassette and that was the way we used to listen to music and stories, she was disappointed to know there was probably not a device left on earth to even check it out.

I wonder what things our kids are using these days that will be foreign to their kids someday.


Here at home said...

Oh man, and she hasn't even seen the older soundtracks we used to that were even bigger and uglier than that. And then there's those big round records . . .
Someday ipods and mp3 players will be a thing of the past. How weird.

Marilee said...

Too True!! Sometimes I miss the scratchy background noise from playing records.

Amber said...

I said something about a cassette tape the other day and my kids looked at me like I was crazy! I guess I forget how old I am!

Lacee DeG said...

NO WAY!! I am NOT that old! BTW..students in MY 1st grade class will know what cassettes are because I have a ton of them for listening centers. Glad I can contribute to a well-rounded society!!

Abby said...

Man, now I just feel old. Oh well, it was bound to happen. But when their kids start asking what iPods and Wii's are then I'll be the one laughing.