Friday, January 8, 2010

It's all in the evidence

With my absence from blogging, there has been many great stories left untold. Funny things, sad things and even spiritual enlightenment. As I was looking through my drafts, this funny story brought a smile to my face almost as as big as the first time, if that is possible.

Ever since 1st grade, Brandon has always had a thing for science. I am not sure if it is because his teacher was mastering in science and her classroom was right out of the rain forest. She was amazing. They were always involved in hunting for bugs, or growing a garden right in her own room, in which the students got to make a vegetable soup at the end of the year, or tending to the many various snakes and lizards (until one escaped into the school and was banished forever). She had an assortment of dead bugs and arachnids displayed in many ways. She had many dead animals she had preserved in small jars, one of them being a two-headed cat. She taught them to truly question the world around them. Brandon scored an A in that subject. He always wants to know why, how and if.

If you look closely on his left arm, you will see evidence of one of his latest curiosities. As he was walking past the bathroom one day, the hot curling iron sitting on the counter was certainly cause for much curiosity. Looking down at that hot iron with the heat setting all the way to 20, he thought to himself, "I wonder what 1 feels like?" Without wasting time, he quickly switched the setting to 1 and tested it the first place he thought of, right on the most delicate skin of his arm. Result? A nice 2-3rd degree burn. Lesson? The number 1 is NOT, I repeat, is NOT equal to 1 degrees.

This volunteer science experiment will go down in the books as tested, tried and true. Knowing I will never have to experience that for myself brings me immense relief. By what name shall this experiment go down in history?


Abby said...

Right after he put the iron on his arm I literally cringed. Ouch!! At least he's not afraid to try new things.

Tina Williams said...

He might be able to land a job on myth busters! I may have to hire him to tutor our family in science. This is NOT a strong subject nor was it for me. So glad you are blogging!

Marilee said...

Hasn't he ever touched a hot stove or stuck his hand in the toaster? I thought every kid does that and then they are afraid of the "hot" curling iron. I guess curiosity killed the two-headed cat that's in his teachers jar-Ha! Ha!

Here at home said...

Thanks,Brandon, for being the fall guy for us. Always better to learn from someone elses mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I have these weird little thoughts that enter my mind from time to time, uninvited mind you, of searing my hand on the stove top or slamming my fingers in the car door... I imagine it in my head and wonder what it would feel like. It makes me cringe and shudder. Then I silently hope that nothing like that will ever happen to me. This is about as far of a guinea pig that I'll ever be.

Kaymin said...

Oh my!! Kids are funny creatures themselves.