Saturday, January 30, 2010


Alexis came and asked me the other day if we were part cowboy. Hmmm. I could see her asking this if we had lived any part of the cowboy world. As of that moment we had never owned a horse or a cow of any kind. Hayeck, we didn't even have one pair o' cowboy boots or e'en a hat.

We still don't.

I had to know the reasoning behind this crazy question. So I asked.

Alexis: Well you know, I just thought that because Grandpa Gooch lived on a farm growing up and he always has a big garden and now he has chickens...

Me: Ohhhhh...(understanding dawning), you mean are we LITERALLY part cowboy! {Insert mental fit of laughter while keeping a straight face}

Alexis: Yeah, in school we were talking about cowboys and they asked us if any of us were cowboys and I raised my hand. Do you think I should have?

Me: Shure thang Miss Bessy Lou!

Now I know where the urge to build a little farm came from. It is thick in the blood.


Cory said...

Wow! I didn't know we were part cowboy, either. I guess that explains it, don't it!

Marilee said...

Howdy Ya'll! I disagree with cowboys (mostly their twangy music, bad english, mode of transportation and clothing). I reckon part of me still feels like a red-neckin' cowgirl sometimes regardless of what my brain tells me. Must be somethin' to do with growin' up in the fields. I just have to say--there is a HUGE difference 'tween them Farm boys and those so called Cowboys. Cute post!

Abby said...

I think that anybody can be a cowboy. I married Matt specifically because he didn't resemble a cowboy in any way, and now he spends most of his saturdays rolling around in the manure with my dad.

DrGooch said...

After that last weekend, we can now be sure--all those girls are part cowboy. Especially the one that fell off and then got right back on. And especially those ones who rode without audible complaint through the ledges and cliffs of southern Utah.

(Your girls are so much cuter on mules :) )