Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paper or plastic?

Now that I am blogging again, I find myself walking around with blogs formulating in my head as if they owned the place. With work being completely out of jobs already today, I find myself needing to take a break to release the flow of blogarama from my brain. But first, I made myself get up and finish the housework from this morning. I was putting away dishes, so I could throw in the second load for the day. The first was done by Megan this morning and let me tell you...she is the Master Dish-Washer-Loader. When I tried to tell her so, she insisted that she doesn't want to be the Master because then she would be a target for the Head Dishwasher in the family. Psh! For real?!?! Tell me, would I ever really do that? Besides, I am sure if you asked Jordan, she already claims that title.

Nonetheless, we are a big family (by the world's standards) and we use a lot of dishes every day; 7 x 2-3= 14-21 plates, bowls, forks, spoons, cups (actually not cups, my kids probably use about 6 each). That does not count all the pans, bowls, serving utensils, etc. that are used for each meal. So yes, there are plenty of opportunities to fill the dishwasher every day. Is there really ever a time when all the dishes are done? Not often. Oh, they might look done, all put up in the dishwasher and skillfully hidden down in the sink and what not, but they. are. never. REALLY. done! This was the feat I was trying to accomplish today and imagine my surprise when I was putting away the last load of dishes only to find that there is just not enough room in my cupboards and drawers for them all. No wonder the last load always stays in the dishwasher.

Speaking of dishwashers, one hard lesson we have yet to learn is don't leave a partial load of unclean dishes in the dishwasher without starting it. I understand all about being energy efficient and saving the earth from too many half loads of dishes, but the dirty truth goes something like this:

Mom: Alexis, please set the table for dinner...

Alexis: Are we using plates or bowls?

Mom: Plates will do.

As we are eating, dad wonders about the uncleanness of his plate. The question is raised about where Alexis got the dishes. Why from the dishwasher of course!

Anonymous Head Dishwasher Loader: NO, NO, NO, NO! They were not clean!!!

Protests go up all around the kitchen! Somewhere across the table a child gags as she realizes she has been using glasses from said load of dishes all day! The rest of us are suddenly not hungry, except the almost thirteen-year-old teenage boy who does not concern himself with such worries. The dogs will not be getting his dinner.

All in all, this should not dissuade you from joining us for supper. We'll gladly pull out the paper just for you.


Abby said...

I LOVE paper plates!! Not as much mess to clean up and you can toss them when you are done. Of course, we probably only go through half the dishes you do since we are a smaller family. For me, the laundry is my nemesis!

Here at home said...

Yeah, remind me that we'll take paper next time we come to your house.
We really should be getting paid for all the housework we do. Just think, if we got paid just $10 for every load of dishes and laundry we did, we would be rich just from that.

Marilee said...

I use paper plates quite often just to keep my sink empty--ha! ha! And so I don't feel like Cinderella.

Amber said...

What a funny story! I am with Marilee, I use paper plates whenever possible!