Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's the difference?

Sometimes I have to laugh at some of the differences in my marriage. Some are not so obvious while others are blatant and some are just plain expensive. Even as I sit here, there are two opposite forces eating up my power bill.

While he sleeps, he has a fan going. While I work, I have a heater blowing right on my legs.

I'll walk into my room and be hit with a force of cold that will save the polar ice caps from global warming. He'll walk into my office and start choking as the heat singes his lung hairs.

In the summer he lives for the winter. In the winter I live for anything but the winter.

His ideal job would be in a freezer somewhere, anywhere. My ideal job would be in a bakery where I could crawl into the oven with the buns and get all toasty warm. (Not really. No more bakery for me.)

I become more intolerant of the winter every year. If I do not have socks, blanket and heater on my legs, then the cold will set into my bones making me crave a nice 30-minute HOT shower. Nothing better than a great excuse for a longer shower right?

Rob says opposites are great for keeping the balance. I happen to agree. When I cuddle up close and put my ice cold toes on his HOT legs, everything is all better! ...AND he lets me.

What are some of your marital differences?


Anonymous said...

We are much the same, Jon is usually roasting while I am always freezing. The exception comes in the mornings when I'm toasty and he's huddled under the covers shivering.

Abby said...

Matt LOVES to cook and I can't cook, he'll ask old ladies in our ward for recipes and they look at him like he is crazy, but that(like you and Rob)is why we work so well.

Tina Williams said...

I love the picture of the two of you.

Opposites for Andy and I -- he thinks outside the box and I barely think within the box . . .

Ditto on the hot and cold thing as well.

Bonnie said...

Thanks Tina, That is your barn in the background.

RobStrikesBack said...

You think I have HOT legs?

Here at home said...

Cory likes to watch movies. I like to do more outdoor stuff. I could go on and on. Sometimes I wonder how we even got together. :) We do both like to read, though.